School Lunch

Boo doesn't do sandwiches. If he's at a friend's, he'll eat what's offered but he's the kid who'll eat the innards and discard the perfectly wonderful 7-grain organic bread. (Like that was cheap!) I've been so horrified at the school lunches that this year, I made a New (School) Year Resolution to pack more lunches.

So here's Boo's first day snack and lunch - clockwise from lower left:
7-grain pretzels
Tomato juice
Doshiddok of
Home-grown cucumbers
Home-grown cherry tomatoes
Black grapes (lots of antioxidents!)
Krab sticks (still processed, but made of pollock, not unidentified fish stuffs)

along with
Foogo container of water
Organic fruit juice


rosemary said...

What a gorgeous lunch! I have never heard of those krab sticks. I'll have to check them out. Lucky Boo to have such a devoted mamma.

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator and I have too many allergies/ food sensitivities. I have to pack every day. That's probably a good thing, right? It IS healthier. Good for you for doing it when you don't have to.

Haley said...

Do you want to pack my lunch too! Looks amazing! What a lucky son you have!

Lora said...

this is so funny because I was just telling Dave about you the other day, and how you were saying bread really isn't an important part of your life and you never give it a thought until your husband does.

We are out and it's a national catastrophe. No sandwiches? We'll all die!!

Lora said...

and I LOVE krab with a k

Musings of a Housewife said...

I'm just amazed that he EATS that! :-) Good for you! I'm with Lora. We're a sandwich household. :-)

Julie said...

I love bento lunches. Not only are they nutritious but they are cute. There is a mom who blogs her little ones bentos all the time. http://wendolonia.com/blog/

Jen said...

Goodness Grace, remind me NOT to show you what my kids take to school for lunch :) Wow...I want you to pack mine!!!


blackbelt said...

Funny the things that spark comments! :-)