Beat of a Different Drummer

You've heard that phrase a time or two, haven't you?? Hey, if the shoe fits. And yes, it fits. I've always been this way. Marched to a different drummer, that is. Maybe it's my glass-half-empty mindset that makes me feel this way? Maybe. But I think I am actually off-beat.

I see those who seem to hear the same beat, the same rhythm, like so many aligned majorettes.* Kicking and twirling. Turning and smiling. I join them, swept up. I go along for awhile and even think I'm one of them. Enjoying the beat. I can hear it.

Then. Then the rhythm becomes too relentless for me and I lose focus. Suddenly, I'm out of formation. I've injured someone. I sing instead of march. I get stares. What are you doing? What are you talking about?

Not 'NSync. I dust myself off. Look around. I get my bearings and look at myself. Then I remember: that's not my beat. Fortunately, I find others out in the field like me, who prefer to let the sequins and batons go by.

*Now if you were a majorette, don't get offended. I'm just trying to make an analogy. I used to be a cheerleader.


AmyP said...

I still can't imagine you as a cheerleader. I think we need pictures. =) I'm a visual learner, after all.

And I know what you mean with this post in general. Jeff and I say, "these are not our people" to convey the same thought. Occasionally we discover someone who is one of our people and we rejoice...with a sort of geekiness that's sure to run off anyone we may have been mistaken about.

Julie said...

So true. I have never been "one of the crowd." I understand how you feel. I find people who march to the beat of their own drummer much more fascinating than the same old same old.

It wasn't until I discovered blogs that I really saw that there were people out there who liked what I liked and who had my sense of humor. Too bad we don't all live near each other.

My mother had a fantastic saying she would tell me when I complained that no one liked the things I liked. "Wouldn't it be boring if we were all the same?" Revel in your uniqueness for that is what makes you special.

mamawhelming said...

I usually feel complimented when someone calls me weird, even if the person didn't mean it that way.

blackbelt said...

I think weird is a good word, not a pejorative. :-)

Lora said...


that's a post one of my "real life friends" did. I love the first line. Her daughter is a riot.

The music in my head is different than what's on the loudspeaker too. I'm okay with that, I just wonder what the rest of the world thinks...

Musings of a Housewife said...

I think people who march to their own beat are much more interesting. :-)