My Exurbia

I would love all of you to come visit me at My Exurbia. There's a cute little button on the right below with a camera lens that you can click on. It's my very first button! I know. Shucks.


Grace said...

I really like your Exurbia Button. Very cool. I also like your blog design for it...way cool photo.

But, once I was in Exurbia, it wouldn't let me return to Blackbelt Oma. It trapped me, ever to remain in Exurbia. Or log out and start all over. Scary. lol

Lora said...

I could get right back here by clicking my back button.

You can't get to Jakezilla by any links on Oh, the Urbanity! on my blogs. Some of the people get to the Urbanity blog by VERY questionable searches and I don't necessarily want those sickos to read about my son!