Blackbelt Strikes Again

I had an awesome day yesterday. After weeks of the doldrums and despair, I had me a good one! Woohoo!

I started off meeting this adorable blogger mom for lunch, who shall remain nameless. It was our first time meeting face-to-face. Was it wierd, you ask? Oh yeah. It was also great and exciting and funny, too! The parking ticket? Not so funny. Hmph! We met in Chinatown. She told me she was wearing a big navy coat with an orange scarf. I was going to tell her I am East Asian, which is usually what I tell people. Decided against it this time. Ha! We ate VIETNAMESE food. She treated me for my birthday! Yeah! Thanks, Lora! Oops! Let the cat out of the bag! ;-)

On my way home, I had about 20 minutes, and we can't let that go to waste, now, can we? I stopped at my friendly neighborhood Goodwill store and scored on these:

This Boden summer skirt:

How cute would that be with strappy kitten-heels, bangle bracelets and a tank top? Love the button details.

And this LOFT fleece top in pale mint. I wish you could feel how soft it is, and how warm it's going to be in bed! Each for $3.50!


Rebecca said...

Today it is so pretty here, it's done wonders for my own mood. February really drags.

We'll have to plan for an awkward lunch sometime. My in laws are in Norristown, so I'm there quite a bit. My m-i-l is Filipino, she'd beg to come to Chinatown.

AmyP said...

Oh! I love that skirt! I'm usually in a tshirt and jeans, so not so girly, but if I were gonna be girly, I'd want that skirt!

gpieacake said...

Very cute skirt! You find some good deals on brand names!

I have those exact fleece from The Loft in black and wine color. UMMM time for some wine.

Your new photo looks great.

blackbelt said...

I am up for an awkward lunch anytime!

sarah said...

Good find!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! A good lunch, meeting with a friend, scoring a great deal. What more could you want in life?

I did get your email. Thank you so much for the link. I will write you back a proper email when I have a chance to write down all about the girls.

Lora said...

I didn't write about our blind date because I didn't know if you wanted the blogosphere knowing you are hanging out with the likes of me, but I had an awesome time.

Also, when I texted you to tell you what I was wearing, I was going to add "and you'll be the Asian girl" but I didn't want to be brash. So I didn't, and you were and we had fun.

Can't wait til the next time!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Sounds like fun!! And that's an AWESOME skirt.