Life in the Burbs: Nearly Spring Edition

I love where we live. After years living in various cities - Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, St. Louis - I had to face something that surprised even me: I am a small town girl. (Non sequitur: the use of the term "girl" to refer to grown women gives me the heebie-jeebies, but you know, what I said, it's a saying. It wouldn't sound right if I said "I'm a small town woman." Y'know??)

Now that I'm a mother, I like where we live even more. (Non-sequitur #2: yes, it's annoying that I have to drive everywhere. Even places that are close enough to walk are inaccessible because there are no sidewalks.) Our neighborhood is two roads off a major thoroughfare. We're a 35-house neighborhood built mostly in the late 60's and early 70's. That means good, solid construction and lots of mature trees.

I love watching Boo ride up and down the middle of our street. It makes me happy. Happy. I love tootling up and down the neighbor's driveways with him on my Wal-Mart bike.

I love that we have great neighbors and Boo can go climb their tree without some old man coming out, swearing and waving a cane at him. I'm glad none of the neighbor dogs bite. Bark annoyingly and incessantly? Yes. Bite? No.

I love when the neighbor boys are doing skateboard tricks down the block. When Boo talks to them, they'll stop and let him try standing on the skateboard. 12-year old boys aren't usually that sweet. Anywhere.

I love that the trees soften our world. We live up a hill. It's cooler here when it's blazing hot. It's less blustery when the cold wind is whipping further down. It's quiet here when the traffic is whizzing or coughing by, down a couple of streets. You can hear the ringing of the kids' voices in between the rubbery WHOOSH then clunk! of the skateboards.

One of the questions I had as a new mother was, "How do I know when to let him play alone?" That comes as you watch him grow, and learn your child's character. But more importantly, when you know where you live, and you know your little hatchling is safe in the neighborhood nest. Now, at nearly 7, I can let him go up the street while I tinker in the carport. And I love that.



mamawhelming said...

Love these pics. What a happy boy! You almost have me calling a realtor to move to a 'burb. I don't think I'll let the little girl venture alone in our 'hood until she goes to college.

Lora said...

well how about i never call anyone a woman unless they are icky and matronly and look like a german cheesemaker?
i call everyone girls because in our hearts we always will be.

gpieacake said...

He is adorable.

Grace said...

I can hardly believe it! Boo is growing up before our very eyes!

Your neighborhood sounds very Norman Rockwell-ian. What a lovely blessing.