Watercress Isn't Just for Luncheons

I don't even know what a watercress sandwich looks like.  When I see watercress, I think garlic and soy sauce, not crustless white bread.

I can get one bunch at the local grocery for $3.99 or at the Korean grocery for $.99.  And  I'll need about 3 bunches so I make sure to get plenty when I make the 45-minute trek over.

Soak it in salt water for a couple of minutes.  I hear that will help get rid of pesticides. Then rinse well under running water.

Boil just to get it wilted
Drain, and lay it on a big chopping board and cut the length into halves or thirds.  It'll be easier to eat.

Put a little water in the bottom of a large pan and let it come to boil.  Put in the watercress to blanch.  It'll only take a couple of minutes to just get it wilted.  Drain, and squeeze the water out as much as possible using your hands.

Now for the seasoning.  Watercress is very flavorful, so you don't need a lot.  I like to use a little of each:
  • rice vinegar
  • oyster sauce
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • garlic powder
  • sprinkle of sugar

Mix them in a small bowl and then pour over the watercress to taste.  Place in a serving bowl and douse liberally with toasted sesame seeds.

I serve it Korean style with a meat, steamed rice, radish kimchee (깍 두 기) and dried laver.

Then eat.  Here, let my son show you how:


Triple O

I guess a post about God on a Sunday might be apropos.

I took a Philosophy class Freshman year.  It was like a lot of things to me: sounded good but didn't actually want to do the work, y'know?  I do remember a few things, including the frail, blond, mistachioed professor, who I am sure was always picked last for kickball.  He hunched his shoulders, held his left elbow in his right hand, left hand cradling his chin.

Rene Descartes and the "Triple O" God.

Omnipotent.  All powerful.    Check.
Omniscient.   All knowing.    Check.
Omnipresent. Ever present.  Check.

Got that.  Could this not almost be the same as Evil?  I mean, when I say God, I always think "Good."  Does anyone say God and mean "Wicked?"  If I'm going to worship someone, if I want some - Someone - on my side, then I think I'd want Good.

Fair. *

And El-Shaddai.  There's a beautiful song made famous by Amy Grant.  The traditional definition says"God Almighty."  But there is thought that it's roots are in the word for breasts and fertility, in addition to the notion that God is the God of all things, who provides all and enough.  So the thought is that God is an almighty God, who gathers us to His breast, like a hen with her chicks, providing us all we need.  What a beautiful picture of Him.

And I want more than those three O's.

*Exodus 34:6-7



Boo's dinner:
Salmon grilled in olive oil with only a sprinkle of sea salt
Fresh cucumber slices
Roasted red potatoes
Salmon skin grilled to crisp chips in olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt


Gone Fishin'

That last post was about six different posts smooshed into one.  I'm "going fishin" this weekend but I'LL BE BACK.

In the meantime, enjoy my recent Blackbelt activities:

I've always loved gold, but it's very in fashion now.  Recent purchases, not on sale but all inexpensive at NY&Co.

I love this silky tunic top!  I'm on the prowl for white capri leggins to finish it off.  Top, by NY&Co. for 50 cents at a yard sale, Talbot's espadrilles bought at the end of last summer for under $25:
(The gold bracelet, I actually paid real money for at the Smithsonian Institute.  Every once in awhile, I am forced to do that!)

And finally, a brand new pair of Born, black patent flip-flops for $3 at a local thrift store  Liberty Thrift:

See you soon!


Need More O-s


The "Triple O" God a la Descartes. 

All powerful.  Check.
All knowing.  Check.
Ever present.  Check.


What is your picture of God-god-supreme being?  Do you know enough to know that indeed, you don't know?  That you can't know?  In my world, He is knowable through the Bible; His Word.  So I get the ideas of kind, patient, bears all things, righteous, compassionate from The Scriptures.

What is your picture?  Do you create your own vision and expect this god to fit into it?  Or is your god bigger than your imagination? 

If this god is high and wide and deep and beyond our full comprehension, then is there anything we can do to reach this Being?  Is this Being completely pure?  completely good?  completely just? Then can we jump high enough to reach this Being?  What can we do to be accepted?  Can we fast enough?  Bear enough children?  Give enough money?  Light enough incense?  Spin enough prayer wheels?

I contend that if God is God, there is nothing I can do.  Not the God that I know.

This God, must reach down to us: pitiable, little creatures.