Need More O-s


The "Triple O" God a la Descartes. 

All powerful.  Check.
All knowing.  Check.
Ever present.  Check.


What is your picture of God-god-supreme being?  Do you know enough to know that indeed, you don't know?  That you can't know?  In my world, He is knowable through the Bible; His Word.  So I get the ideas of kind, patient, bears all things, righteous, compassionate from The Scriptures.

What is your picture?  Do you create your own vision and expect this god to fit into it?  Or is your god bigger than your imagination? 

If this god is high and wide and deep and beyond our full comprehension, then is there anything we can do to reach this Being?  Is this Being completely pure?  completely good?  completely just? Then can we jump high enough to reach this Being?  What can we do to be accepted?  Can we fast enough?  Bear enough children?  Give enough money?  Light enough incense?  Spin enough prayer wheels?

I contend that if God is God, there is nothing I can do.  Not the God that I know.

This God, must reach down to us: pitiable, little creatures.

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