How to combine your love for bugs, fire fighters, elevators and hotels:


Love is the Answer

Don't you think God loves everyone?  Shouldn't God love everyone?  After all, God is love, right?

If so, then.  (Do you remember that from high school math?)  If so, then does God love Hitler, too? Ceau┼čescu? Some of you will say yes, that God loves Everyone.  No matter what. 

But most of you will say no.  Definitely not Hitler.  How about his generals and SS?  But not the people who watched the Jews get rounded up.  How about the Swiss, who in their "neutrality" let Jews open to capture and torture and death?  Just the government? or all the people?
How about
Bin Laden?
Jim Jones?
Idi Amin? 
Pol Pot?
Mao-Tse Tung? 
How about Kim Il Sung?
Andrew Carnegie?
George W. Bush?
Glenn Beck?
How about the pedophile down the street?  How about the thieves of the Saving & Loan scandal?  The CEOs who got multi-million dollar bonuses on wall street?  I  have a friend whose neighbor dumps trash into her yard, including cigarette butts. 

Where would you stop?  How do you define loveable?  And so, how do you define who God should love?

Does a loving God correct and admonish, or does He allow us to do our own will at every turn?  After all, God is love, right? 

Or, is Love your God?


Sea Food

Boo had a play date the other day.   A little boy with green eyes and brown nubbins of a crew cut.  We went to the store before heading to the play ground to buy a snack and drink.  How about cheese crackers?  Peanut butter crackers?

The little boy said he doesn't like peanut butter "because it gets stuck on the roof of my mouth."

Boo piped in, "When I eat dried seaweed, it gets stuck on the roof of my mouth, too."




The only board game I had growing up was Scrabble.  I was about 7, having recently come to the US, that we started playing as a family.  My dad thought it would help with our vocabulary.   To this day, I love that game and I have fond memories of beating my dad.

Tonight, we introduced Scrabble to the next generation: our little Boo.  You've gotten to know Boo a bit here, right?  He loves fire stations and fire trucks, obsesses over elevators, draws high rises like a fiend.  Did you know he's also fascinated by plumbing?  Yes - faucets, flush valves, hand dryers.

So of course we let him go first.  He placed the smooth, wood tiles on that pink block with the black star.  His word?



Working for Peanuts


Boo and dad, eating peanuts on the back deck. It's a beautiful thing.