The only board game I had growing up was Scrabble.  I was about 7, having recently come to the US, that we started playing as a family.  My dad thought it would help with our vocabulary.   To this day, I love that game and I have fond memories of beating my dad.

Tonight, we introduced Scrabble to the next generation: our little Boo.  You've gotten to know Boo a bit here, right?  He loves fire stations and fire trucks, obsesses over elevators, draws high rises like a fiend.  Did you know he's also fascinated by plumbing?  Yes - faucets, flush valves, hand dryers.

So of course we let him go first.  He placed the smooth, wood tiles on that pink block with the black star.  His word?



mamawhelming said...

Must be a good omen!

Lora said...

of course it was.

I need some of you in my real life as soon as humanly possible, please.

Haley said...

Haha! I love it!

Ansley said...

Buy it for looks- Buy it for life!