Royal Wedding Full of Grace

Back in the early 80's when Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles, I was all over that wedding thing.  Even if the Prince's ears stuck straight out.  I was as young as they, and less prone to over analyze the meaning of life.  [The American prince back then was John Kennedy Jr., who was only a year or two younger than me.  I couldn't help secretly wondering if I should transfer to Brown.]  I sighed through that royal wedding.

This time around when Catherine Middleton wed Prince William, I was quite a bit less enthused.  After all, I am more the age of their parents.  It is a little harder to swoon over a prince the age of a son.  Although I didn't watch the wedding on Friday, I had some time to myself this morning and watched one of the many reruns.  I've always admired William and Catherine, for their good looks and their appropriateness and wisdom in the wildly public life they lead.

I immediately thought of Grace Kelly of Philadelphia, and my Googling proved I wasn't the only one.  There are the easy comparisons of Catherine and Grace both coming from a "common" family that had risen in society through business dealings, and then, of course, marrying a prince.  They both have understated elegance and well... grace.

I set aside my disbelief, let myself float into a world where not only are you the "it girl" of the event, you're the "it girl" of the whole world.  I set aside thoughts of all the glamorous weddings that ended in terrible sadnesses...Diana and Charles, Andrew and Sarah, Jackie and JFK, Caroline and John, Grace and Prince Rainier...

...and wished them as much happiness and love and hope as...

Grace and Dave.

We are an adopted Prince and Princess of  His Heavenly Kingdom.


Breakfast of Champions

Boo, 2 months shy of turning 9, had crackers dipped in extra virgin olive oil for breakfast today.


One is the Number

I believe there is a god that is pre-existent, preeminant, who created all things, knows all things, determines all things.  I believe he IS love, he IS truth, he IS justice.  I believe that when he speaks there is no separation in thought, time or will but IS. 

I believe we can only know him when he reveals himself to us.  No amount of dancing or fasting or prayer wheels or exercise or any doing of anything will get us close to him unless he chooses to reveal himself to us.  I believe he revealed himself to us through his creation, and then Jesus Christ and his Word.

One truth.  One is a very big word.  Word.


Boo's Couch

Today I sank.
Down deep.

There have been changes in my life lately.  It's not the new job.  Or that I feel like I don't have time for myself. Or the hot flashes.  There are people in my life who are disrespecting me.  In a way I've had to live with for many, many years.  Until I had Boo, then I could tell everyone to stick it and I stayed home and went shopping and to play dates.

Somehow, these people with their disrespecting have come into my life again.  I volunteered for this?

It's not any one of those things.  It's a hundred little things and not any of them.  It's my chemicals whirlygigging around me.

The soft part in the back of the roof of my mouth got tingly.  And my neck got tingly tight.  The way it does before the tears come sliding out the eyes.

I didn't want to do anything.  Just lay around.  I couldn't get up.  I couldn't feed my baby.

My husband and son came to be with me.  Boo wanted to know what was the matter.  I said I didn't feel well.  He sees my tears.

Are you sad mommy?
I don't know.  I don't feel well.

Wait.  Do you not feel well, or do you not feel well because you're sad?

Such wisdom.

He sat next to me, this little boy with Asperger's Syndrome.  This boy without Theory of Mind.  I said will you hold my hand.
He did.
Pudgy, dry, square hands.
He sat there and healed me.