This is the first snippet of my love story for my son. I hope he will forgive me for sharing his life with you.

This little boy was handed to me by another woman. A woman and her family, that loved him fiercely for 6-1/2 months, and cried harder than I did when we said goodbye. She got him from another woman, who cared for him for a month. I don't know if she loved him or she simply did her job, but I am thankful nonetheless. This faceless caretaker, in turn, got him from his mother, a 19 year old single woman, who is not allowed to keep her own flesh.

Torn. Torn. Torn he was.

And now he sleeps with a measure of peace, hoping that he will not be torn again. The little scars in his heart remain...turning red with anger when he is afraid.
I will take care of you. I will love you forever. I will never leave you.

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dcrmom said...

Oh go ahead and make me cry. He is one precious little boy and so blessed to have you for his oma. :-)