Big Word

Friday, May 9, 2008

When I need my son to do something, like tear himself away from "Curious George" to put on his shoes (so that we can make the car line in the morning,) I don't ask him, "Honey, would you like to put your shoes on now?"  What do I do when he says No?

Instead, I learned to say, "You CAN put your shoes on now."

I am not only getting my son to do what I want (heh) but I am enabling him and encouraging him that he is able and capable to do the right thing. It is not demanding that he obey me in a way that demeans him. It puts me as his caretaker and number one fan who is informing him that he is strong. He can.
How did this big word become so small in our lives?

"Hey, Icn do that ferya."
"Sure, Icn see that!"

It is surprising how this overlooked and abbreviated word has such power. And to state the obvious but often overlooked notion: words have meaning. And words, spoken in truth, have the power to change, to heal...to get your son to turn off "Curious George."

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