The Next Generation

On Saturday, I went to my first wedding of the "next generation." The daughter of very dear friends of mine married her sweetheart of five years. Seeing how Abby is only 22, that's a good long time. The Cruse family is a testament that a truly God-centered, healthy, un-neurotic family CAN exist!

I didn't panic until 2 days before the wedding, when I realized I have NOTHING to wear. If you have seen my closets, you'd know this could not possibly be true! However, I felt compelled to hit TJMaxx anyway and tried on 7 dresses in 7 minutes. Found 2; both black, hip, cute, with an empire (say ohmpeeer like Stacey) waist. Both were great, but both had faults so I left with none. However! for the first time ever! they had Lancome at TJMaxx and I left with a blush and eyeshadow duo in beautiful groovy colors. Anyway, I was glad I didn't get those dresses when I realized that half the 20-somethings at the Reception were wearing black polyester "ohmpeeer" waist dresses. And I'm no 20-something.

Getting back to them...
When they were wee little, I used to take Abby and her older brother on walks and trips for ice cream or burgers. I doubt they remember those times, but I remember themt with fondness. They have grown to be wonderful, responsible, fun-loving (even sarcastic) Christian adults with nary a rebellious bone.

The groom's family was happy. The brides family was happy. The entire extended family was happy. All the friends were happy. There was no tongue-wagging or clucking to be heard. In Corea, both families must sign the marriage license. That's why if one side doesn't approve, you literally cannot get married. In the US, we have the freedom to decide as adults what to do. That's good and bad. However, my friends have raised their children with respect; trusting that they need to learn to make decisions, that they are God's, too.

The Cruses live the words 'children, honor your parents, and parents, do not frustrate your children,' and have been accordingly blessed. Oh, did I say they were always happy with no problems? Oh, no. Did God say we'd be rich and famous and beautiful and kept from harms way? No, the Lord our God said He would "cause all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to those who are called according to His purpose."

Oh. They have had their share of heartache. But they lived through encirecled by His everloving arms, trusting Him, talking to Him and knowing He is their loving God.

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Rebecca said...

This is lovely, Oma. Always cheery to read about centered families who really love each other.