Gentle Waters

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last night, I went into The Big City to visit a good friend. She invited 2 other friends, and we 4 enjoyed wine and a meal with jazz in the background. If you are a SAHM, and don't get the adult time you crave, you'll have an inkling of what this evening meant to me. The other 3 are architects, like me, but they continue to practice. Even though I was in a comfortable apartment with 3 other women, I distinctly felt Different. As an architect, I often (usually) found myself in the company of men. It happened often enough throughout my life, that it became normal to me.

How did I come to feel like the proverbial fish out of water, among colleagues, among other women?

My son is headed to 1st grade next fall. I purposely put him in half-day Kindergarten this year, knowing it would be our last year spending lazy days together. So, I have been thinking about going back to architecture when he is gone from me all day.

Last night, I think, was God helping me to get my feet wet. He sent down a gentle rain, nourishing this dormant part of me, preparing me.

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