About Me

I'm a late "Boomer:" late to marriage, late to child rearing and on the tail-end of the Boomers making me technically a Jones. I live with HH (Handsome Husband) and BooBoo (adorable 7 year old male child,) in a small town in the East. I grew up in a small town and always wanted to be in the big city. I did my round - Philly, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Boston. In the end I've discovered I like small towns. I like feeling safe. I like the lower cost of living. I like not having to keep up.

I was born in Korea. We immigrated here when I was 6 years old. I came with my family to join my dad, who was already in the U.S. getting his PhD in Math. So I fit the stereotype of being good at math. You know why the stereotype, right? Because many East Asians came here to study math and science. Then they had kids. Who were good at...you guessed it.

I got a BA and a Masters. I am an architect that specializes in large institutional projects, like schools and libraries, but I like healthcare best. I'm not sure if getting back in the profession is in the cards for me. I like where I am now and if anything, I may want to explore some other interests.For now, I am the Board President of our public library. I love books. I love stories. I believe strongly in the importance of literacy. Do you know 50% of Americans are functionally illiterate? I also volunteer at a thrift store that supports a prison ministry. It helps recently released men learn how to hold down a job. I also help at our church (see below.)

I've known HH since we were in the Sixth grade. Our dads worked together in our small town. We grew up and away, but then miraculously got together.

I am an introverted, conceptual, artistic, philosophical, sarcastic person. I am simultaneously highly organized, mathematical, impatient and outspoken. I often throw people off without meaning to. If I don't say "hi" to you, it's because I'm thinking about something obscure. But the next time, I may jabber about the sale at Bloomingdale's.

I love to shop, especially at yard sales, thrift store, craigslist and clearance sales. I have gotten amazing things for me and my family. . . and even some of my friends. I believe it is one way of being a good steward of what God has given us. I also believe it is one of the "greenest" things we can do. Easily. I do my best to keep my family healthy by carefully selecting consummables and doing my best to avoid plastics and other petroleum by products. My favorite star chef is Nigella. Simple, unpretentious, beautiful, delicious.

I am active in my small start-up church. I occasionally lead a women's Bible Study, take care of the bulletins, do some graphics, and help out in any way I can. We are a conservative Presbyterian branch that believes the Bible is God-breathed. I believe it literarily. That means I want to understand the Bible in its historical, cultural and self-referencial aspects and take literally that which should be (Jesus is the only way) and understand metaphorically things which should be (harder for a rich man to enter Heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle.) I believe in Christian liberty, that each Believer, having learned about God through the Bible, is lead by the Holy Spirit to please God. I do NOT believe in rules and regulations about what to wear, what to listen to, who to vote for, what party to be in, how much to give and so on. However, I also believe in making wise and fair judgements (as opposed to being judgemental) according to God's word and carrying through those beliefs whether ya likem or not.

And. I fail miserably every day to be the Christ-like person I'd like to be.

Why do I blog? I'm not completely sure yet. Of course it's like a diary for me, in a way, getting out feelings and thoughts out there to see if they make sense. I will tell you it will not always be pretty. I will talk about joys, beauty, funnies... but also pain, prejudice and even anger. Ride along with me.