In Any Language

Bedtime is our special time, me 'n Boo. He snuggles into me and I read him a book. Review his Bible verse. Pray. Lately, we've been reading E.B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan. It has all the elements that draw my boy into the story of a silent cygnet: the outdoors, an adventure, a secret, and some silliness. All the trumpet swans call out, "Ko-ho! Ko-ho!" But Louis the Cynet has no voice.

Last night, I slept with Boo, not wanting to be awakened at 5:30 by HH getting ready to go into the City. (That is an hour that only exists conceptually in my mind. It's not actually a time that exists in my life, because whenever it is that the clock shows that time, I intend to be asleep.) Boo and I woke up together, Boo all squishy and warm with sleep. Hair all askew, eyes squinted to the light, a little frog still in his throat.

"Ko - ko- ko," he said gently, nodding his head with each syllable, then explained, "That's 'I love you' in Ko-ho language."

Good morning, dearest one.



mamawhelming said...

Too sweet!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I love waking up with my sweet li'l one next to me. She sleeps with me every night. SO cute!

AmyP said...

Super sweet. Isn't that bleary first thing in the morning kid the best?

Lora said...

if i get to blogging today, it's about sleeping too.

there is something about bedtime that makes this all worthwhile