Fashion Fo' Pa*

I don't have my mom anymore, but I re-create bits of her in my world, in little ways. My mother owned chairs just like these in Korea in the early Sixties. When I saw them on craigslist, I jumped at them. Sight unseen, I sent HH to pick them up to - I don't even know where.

One of the chairs is missing one of the little black rubber feet and the wrought iron leg keeps slipping between the decking.

We were in one of those big box hardware places when - lo and behold! I came upon an entire shelf of these things! In all sizes! The ones that would be the right size only came in white, though. Deep in my heart, I knew they wouldn't be right, but I asked my Hubs if it might work on those black legs. He didn't think they would. And he thought of the perfect illustration for me:

"Honey, it would be like wearing black stockings with white shoes."


* Update 5/25/09 -I found out recently that people actually spell "faux pas" as "fopa." I just want to assure you that I know how to spell, and my title is a play on words since my husband, or "pa," made the right-on fashion observation.


Musings of a Housewife said...

I LOVE THOSE! But of course HH is bang on. :-)

mamawhelming said...

Magic Marker? Sharpie?

Grace said...

Mamawhelming already said what I was thinking. What about a little marker action? (But HH clearly speaks your language!) :-)

Grace said...

P.S. About the chairs...way retro cool!

Third Mom said...

LOVE these! They have a 50s feel to me, I think it's the weave. I see a set of those multicolored aluminum cups on the table to go with them :)

blackbelt said...

A woman in Philly had inherited them from her grandma, who used to live in NYC.