2012 Photo Review

Even photos can't adequately describe how full and blessed our life has been...is.  And it would take more space than I have, and more patience than you have, to tell you all that we've lived this year.  It has had it's struggles, of course.  I'm not one for reviewing things by the year, per se, but I can look back and see how God has made hard things, even bad things, Good for us.  On this earth, we should not be asking "why is there suffering?" but rather, "why is there so much beauty, joy, hope, love?"  I can only say that it is my faith in a God that causes Ultimate Good for His kingdom, which allows me to believe that only a loving God can overcome all the selfishness, violence & hatred that reeks all of our hearts.

I have had many thoughts swirling in my head, but almost too much to put into readable bits on this blog.  I don't make New Years' resolutions, nor resolutions at all.  But I do hope that I can keep working on my writing and share again, some of my thoughts with you.

So, here's our 2012 in photos.  It's a small way to share my life with you.


The boy is showing a musical inclination and starts teaching himself on his 3/4 size Yamaha, not just "air guitar" on a toy, like when he was little. 

The boy loves snow. At the first forecast, he's ready and waiting. Even if it's 7 in the morning


Not sure how this happened, but it was my birthday, but he got a new bike!

More treasured time with our host student from Korea, who counts oboe as one of her many talents.  Here, at District Orchestra.  In the 4 years, she's become our daughter and Boo's big sister. 


 ... the returning hope of Spring

Chess club continues into Spring, and he ranks 2nd.


Grandma comes to visit!

April flowers...


Science Fair project on Penguins!  Can you guess which is the real penguin?

...and an epic milestone college reunion! 

And we even went on a date!


Showing his Hopper-ish work (top.)  And the end (for now) of his 5-years at this Christian school.

...and the boy turns 10:


A month of camps!

Bible Camp with friends:

Hideaway Day Camp - the awesomest outdoor day camp around!

Environment Camp!
And a great story about his counselors, C&M:
C&M's grandparents were good friends with J's grandparents while at Penn State and were in the same field.  Then C&M's dad, and J's dad meet at a conference in their common field, and go on to become great friends.  C&M have known J since he was a baby, just arrived from Korea.  So in 2012, C&M were J's counselors!  They don't seem destined to enter the same field - C&M being interested in politics and J interested in architecture.  But maybe J could design them a house?

In between, an unusual but welcomed visit from Uncle Paul & fam from Lanna, Jo-jah!

Our beautiful gardens courtesy of HH, and Boo!


Many hours at the pool!  This year, with the encouragement of a friend, he tested to be allowed in the deep end, which meant hours and hours jumping off the diving board!


Lots of excitement!
What has become our tradition - time on Cape Cod - this year during Labor Day week.

Through the years at Mashpee Commons:

Stand-up Paddle Boarding ("Supping")

(yes, that is my leg - just to prove I was there, too!)

AND the biggest changes of all:  HOME SCHOOLING!

PE at our home school co-op:


 October may be the beginning of Autumn to you, but to Boo, it only means one thing: 
Fire Prevention Month!


For even Boo, November still means Thanksgiving:
but the best part isn't turkey, but being with grandma:



Hoping for elaborate, generous, abundant grace & peace.


Donna B said...

Great idea! Love seeing your year through pictures. You are a great mama and certainly blessed with a precious son and loving husband! Happy 2012 to you all!

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