Random Observations by Boo

I've had some intense challenges lately from the blogosphere. When the world weighs heavy, look to your six-year old for a new perspective:

On angel food cake: "It's like snow."

On water draining down the tub: "Mom, put your hand here, it's like a magnet."

On being groggy from a nap: "I need to recharge my battewy."



Third Mom said...

I hope all is well and that the challenges aren't getting you down.

Isn't great, though, that kids can snap us right back to what's real and important!!!

AmyP said...

Boo is a wise little man. Sorry you are having some troubles.

Grace said...

Beautiful Boo. Unless we become as little children... No wonder Jesus said that...He knows the joy children find in the simple things... I love that!