Bubble Over

Boo and his dad were drawing churches on the driveway yesterday.

"I don't like the way my church looks," dad said.

Boo objected, "Dad! Don't say that! Jesus wouldn't be very happy. That's God's house!"

Later at dinner, this story was recounted to me.

"Boo, how did you think to say that?"

"Well," Boo replied, gesturing with his hands, "I saw a thought bubble, I picked it up, and stuck it on my head."



mamawhelming said...

Wha?!?!? That's something! How did he think to say THAT? What a boy! :)

gracewriter1@hotmail.com said...

Great things He hath done - when He created Boo - and gave him to you! What a creation! Aren't you in awe?