Who Told Him?

I signed Boo up for a social skills group run by a Masters-level psychologist with training in Applied Behavior Analysis for children with disabilities. I told Boo at dinner that there would be four boys; three boys plus him.

"Four boys? No girls?" he asked.

"That's right, just four boys."

"Good. It'll be quiet."

I laughed so hard the soup almost came out my nose.



AmyP said...

That's hilarious! Although, in my experience, there's never been anything quiet about my boy. =)

Lora said...

it seems that he has the social skill that every man needs- stay away from the noisy hens!

Donna said...

wise beyond his years!

mamawhelming said...


kristi noser said...

Just the opposite when they are in middle school. I give rides for youth group on occasion and I would MUCH rather have a van full of girls than one of boys. those boys never shut up and the girls don't make a peep.

*came to you from Carla's blog