6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

I have many posts in my "draft" file. Something about the summer and it's unstructured days makes me lazy. Laaazy, I tellya. I have the luxury of writing when I'm inspired. (Can you hear me yawn?) Good thing I don't have to feed my family this way.

But a meme? A meme, I can do. I read this one at Musings of a Housewife. Six everyday, unimportant things that make my toes tingle. Oooh, how can I keep it to just six??

1. A great pen. I think a number of us went into architecture just for the sheer joy of laying down pen or pencil to paper. Or vellum. Or mylar. The joy of seeing a beautiful stroke of pen gliding from one side of the sheet to the other. Or turning a pencil just so to get chiseled strokes. A great pen doesn't have to be expensive, although there was a time when every poor intern owned a $200 Mont Blanc fountain pen. Those Pilot Razors are one of the best. I found this Koh-i-Noor on a sale bin at an art store. In sepia even!

2. Great paper. Or fabric. Just to look at. Just to touch. I loved going into the interior designer's room at my old firm just to see the latest. And that paper place at the mall? Looove to go in there.

3. Fab graphics. I love good graphic design. When you have an inkling of all that goes into graphic design, you understand the subtle undertones and how effective and powerful the message is made by the typeface, the paper, the placement of one letter.

4. A great pun. Of course I can't think of a single one. A great pun to me is often considered a "groaner" to others. But I like the ones that come on the spur of the moment, sitting around the table after dinner. These are inspired by love and laughter, and the ease and comfort that let the creative juices flow.

5. Finding a great toy for Boo. You know all about those toys that are laying about unused, unloved - the result of birthdays, indulgent relative, or their own dying wish. I search for toys that engender creativity and try to avoid ones that just "perform" via AA batteries. I got this Fisher-Price vintage town and all the pieces a couple of years ago at a yard sale, thinking I'd eBay it. As soon as I got home, Boo got ahold of it and literally played with it for three hours. (I timed it.) Straight. Three. Without looking up.

6. . . . and of course, Blackbelt Deals. Like the town above. And like this. And this. Oooh ooh - and this:


Musings of a Housewife said...

That #5 might look nice on my black dress! ;-)

Musings of a Housewife said...

Um. #6. It's late.

Anonymous said...

Just reading this makes me want to sniff a good book. You like pens and fabric, I like the whiff of books. Best smellers. The Internet has no smell.


Julie said...

Numbers 1,2, and 3 could have been on my list too. I have a fabric and paper stash that is embarrassingly large.

AmyP said...

You won't be surprised to hear that we had that village growing up. The mail truck was so awesome! I loved driving it all over town, delivering letters. I'm sure I imagined them written with a fabulous pen on crisp, perfect paper, too. =) And, of course, in my grandmother and mom's perfect penmanship.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I like to think that I am very punny myself. But usually only when it's late and everyone is tired. I'm convinced that is why no one laughs at them.