My Try

My effort on the left, Lancome arteest on the right.
I think I did a pretty good job with the eyes in general despite not having all those gorgeous brushes. I didn't have the right eyebrow pencil, so I used what I usually use, but tried to make my eyebrows thicker and longer.  I might have to buy theirs.  Can you believe he used Taupe?? I didn't buy the lip color so I used the closest that I had, which I think is a tad too dark.  The Lancome color was a mauve with a hint of gold that made it a neutral with a twist.  My attempt isn't bad, but I think it's that fine balance - the slightly lighter lips and the darker eyebrows that really give the impact of what the arteest did for me.

I'll be posting the whole story on Chic Critique one day soon so keep an eye out for the link!


Anonymous said...

Grace- what I think is that you have an absolutely beautiful face. I would give anything for lips like yours and I love the shape of your face too. Makeup is really just enhancing what you already have goin' on girl! xoxo

Lora said...

I think you did a great job, but I am absolutely loving that lip color and think it would be worth the splurge. It's fresh and modern and different.
Exactly what new lipstick should be.