Come Over!

I know you've been cooped up for a couple of days, so I thought you'd want to come over. My husband - he has a green thumb - and I love that we keep the Poinsettias going well into Spring, and that it's the first thing you see when you enter our foyer.

Come on in.  Oh, yes, the shelves. Everyone comments on them.  They're really not as high as you'd think - it's a bit of an optical illusion.

Up there? That's my mom from her college days. I look more like my dad but I certainly have her features, too.

Do you need the rest room? Sure.  It's right down the hall here. We hardly touched this room except for the new mirror and the framed pieces. We like it in that retro way:

I thought you might want to see our family room while we're here.  We put in a new opening from the kitchen so we have sort of a suite.  This is our "put up your feet room."  The quilt? It's from Dave's Mennonite side of the family.  Isn't it gorgeous?   Oh, I love that lamp, too!  I think it is one of my best yard sale finds!

Come on out and let's sit in the living room.
Yes, that's Boo as a baby. Pictures of our families.  Except the Modigliani of course! The set of prints in the dining room - we got in Korea.  We love it:  a country village, a court procession, a landscape.

Yes, the carpet is like a Klimt painting. We love his work. Even though everyone knows him for his figures - who hasn't seen The Kiss, right? - but what we we really like are his landscapes. They are amazing.

I'd show you the kitchen but it's a mess.  You can see it another time, OK?  We'll just keep those pocket doors tightly closed!!

Why don't we sit awhile?
Thanks for visiting!  Let's get together again, soon?  OK?  Hope the next storm won't be too bad!


Julie said...

Those bookshelves are amazing! I would love to have those in my house. We have books stacked everywhere because there is not enough shelf space for them.

Gustav Klimt is my favorite artist. The Kiss makes me want to scream every time I see it. Too much exposure.

I loved having a peak into your home. Thanks for sharing.

Haley said...

You have an absolutly amazing home! Do you want to come decorate my place when its finally time to?!

Thank you for bringing us into you world!

Average Terran said...

I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and follow them.