I'm not sure why I'm doing this. Except that I haven't been able to squeeze out any of the octillion things I've had on my mind. (Octillion. It's Boo's favorite number right now.) And cuz Lora did it. And I copied. Except I'm not going to show you my whole kitchen. Dishes in the sink and pans on the counter and all.

I love my kitchen phone. Original Trimline 80's vintage see-through phone. It actually has a little round bell and hammer that strikes it and makes a real bell noise, instead of a electronic recording of a bell. It lights up too, when a call comes in.

My every day dishes. Mostly.

My "friends coming over" dishes. Mostly.

I used to collect vintage vases and such. I don't anymore but I like them because they remind me of me back then.

My spices. A little bit of everything. But not too high up where I can't reach.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Well thanks so much for letting us take a look-see, um... when can we come for dinner? I was looking at the spice rack and I can already smell something good cooking!

I don't think we need a reason to share a bit of us, or who we are, sharing humanity is always precious ;)

Lora said...

Love it!

And I got that phone for my 12th or 13th birthday (which was well past the 70's, I guess it was 1989) it's funny that it stayed on the market for so long.

Mine came from the Avon catalog. My aunt was an Avon lady and it was the top seller in non-makeup and non-jewelry that year.

Thank you for showing me your kitchen, though I would love to see your sink. It's like seeing someone's underwear. Though you can keep that to yourself!