Take Out

We have a favorite Chinese take-out.  The mom and dad are awesome cooks.  The son?  Not so much.  Tonight, we had the misfortune of getting the son to make our food.  Hubs and I were commenting how it just didn't have the usual zip.

Of course Boo had questions about this.  Why?  How come?  Why can't he cook?

I was explaining that some people are good are different things and some are not.  Some are good at drawings or math, and others are not.  So, some are not good at cooking...

"Oh!  like daddy!"



a Tonggu Momma said...

... and me. Heh. The husband is the cook in our house. (How did your husband take her honesty?)

AmyP said...

Ah, the kids. Always right there with the honesty. =)