The Apple of My Eye

Adam was lonely. Despite all the animals. I guess a dog is not man's best friend.  So God made a woman just. for. Adam.  A soul mate.  God who merely thought and it happened.  God who did not ponder and wonder but was wholly complete in thought, word and deed.  He made a creature that would completely fill Adam's needs.

Then the serpent came and pointed to the forbidden fruit.  Eve looked at the fruit and it looked good to eat.  How many things were there in the garden that were good to look at and good to eat?  It was only when the serpent pointed that forbidden one out that maybe Eve started to want it.  It's like going to the mall...you see all these things you never knew you had to have! 

Eve was living in paradise.  PARADISE.  Do you understand the circumstance?

Perfection.  Living someplace that was perfectly designed for her, for him.  Living with your soul mate.  So much so that they had no name for each other.  It was only after the fall, when there was a separation that they needed an identifier.  There was no death.  No aging, no wrinkles, no imperfections. I bet she never had to say, "Adam, does this make me look fat??"

And yet.
And YET.

She had everything, but it wasn't enough.  She had to have that other fruit.  Is the Genesis Garden of Eden a true story, a myth or an allegory?  What does this story say about us as a woman?  Do you see yourself in Eve?  I do.

I pondered this as I tend to do.  Percolate.  Simmer.  I have a wonderful husband, a marriage blessed by God, a beautiful earthly home.  I really cannot ask for a more fabulous husband - one who loves me, who cares for me, takes care of me, is patient with me.

And yet.
And YET.

I want more.  I want him to be neater.  My bedroom usually looks like a laundry bomb went off.  Over the years, I just could not keep up and slowly gave up.  I was going to fight and nag every day or I was going to accept it.  I chose to accept it.  But not really.  It eats away at me in a deep, dark corner of my being.  Dissatisfied, unhappy.  This is my home!  My nest!  My sanctuary!  Blah blah blah.  Yadda yadda yadda.  Am I not just. like. Eve??

Oh, the fruit of a perfectly clean bedroom looked good to me.  And I wanted it.  I recognized that desire for something more than I have, something else to make me happier, even though I am in Paradise!  I have turned away from that fruit and to enjoy all the goodness of my world that God has blessed upon me.

I love you HH.  Even if your chair is piled high with clothes.

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brenda said...

Oh my gosh, this is so me!!!!! Every day I think about how blessed I am and then find myself muttering under my breath how I wish MY HH would throw his dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on top of the hamper......would stop leaving his dental floss on the side of the sink instead of in the trashcan....would stoop down and pick up the newspaper that he leaves all over the kitchen table and counter....but then I remember that this morning he told me how beautiful I am when I first wake up and then kissed me....I go in the bathroom and catch my reflection in the mirror and realize my hair looks like Woody Woodpecker's and my breath smells like a garbage disposal.
I am a fool. I can't stop muttering.