Fashion Friday: Making My Own Skinny Jeans

I took this pair of bootleg jeans....

 and made meself some skinny jeans!!

If you want to know how I did it, then read on.

So I've been looking for some skinny jeans that are appropriate for me: 50, chubby, 5'3", muffinable, Korean proportioned me.   Oh, and cheap.  Blackbelt shopping cheap.

I went to Chicos because their jeans will keep the muffin from overflowing.  But at $79-89?? and literally needing to cut 8" off the bottom??  Every other pair I looked at had the additional problem of being low-rise.

This past week, I opened up my winter pants drawer and found a pair of jeans I'd forgotten about.  They have a touch a Lycra, a deep rise and are a dark wash boot leg jeans.  They were the perfect length and the perfect price: $7.  Seven dollar jeans??  Yes! at the thrift store.  (Check back for my post on shopping thrift stores.)

1. Make sure they fit well at your waist and hiney.
2. Make sure they have Lycra.
3. Check all seams along the legs to make sure they are single stitched like this:

not double top stitched like a lot of jeans:

4.  You know they can't have pleats, right?  Right??
5.  They should be black, dark denim or white, without any bling.
6. Flip them inside-out, start pinching and pinning to what you are comfortable with.
7. Keeping the stitch length as long as your machine will allow, sew.
8.  Flip them back right-side-in and try them on.  Do this as often as you need to get it right before making your final stitching run.



Lora said...


also, I think you are a bit confused about the English word "chubby". It's okay. You'll get it. It's a really tough language to master.

Lora said...

just so the thought doesn't cross your mind, I mean that you are still looking pretty darn tiny.

but, I do understand what it feels like to look in the mirror and see something that you don't totally recognize as your own.

brenda said...

ok....you need to come over and help me skinny down a pair of black jeans i got last year for 5.99 at 2nd ave thrift

blackbelt said...

@Lora - I'm working on my English ;-) heh

@Bren - sure! your place or mine? ;-)

Darla said...

I finally got brave enough to try this and I LOVE them! I did it for the sake of my riding boots but saw I also love them with ballet flats! DOUBLE WIN!

Thank you for this idea, I've never seen anyone else do it!