Human Bein'

All those moppets have equal value: whether bein' white, beige, tan, brown, athletic, handicapped, mute, blind, deaf, happy, sad, made in China or Macao.  I need know only this, that they are all made in the image of their Maker.

Once they start walkin' and talkin' - it's a different matter.  Born that way or made that way, they're walkin' and talkin' now.

I have the right and the responsibility to judge whether the walkin' and talkin' is acceptable, or not.  Acceptable.  (Loaded!)  We all do it.  Judge: Decide.  I see other moppets doin and talkin things I find unAcceptable.   They - obviously - think it is Acceptable.  I have the right and responsibility to differ.  But some of them moppets are startin to insist that I accept what they walkn and talkin.  Not very liberal of them.

According to them moppets, me a bigot bein'.

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Lora said...

now, I don't know what happened but I will say that as humans, and especially as human parents, we must decide what is right for us and our children to be exposed to and what is not right for us to bear witness to.

As Jake says, "God made me with two legs so I can turn and walk away, and God made me with eyes that close so I can shut them when I don't want to see what's in front of me".

And as Jake's mom says, "God made me with a big old mouth so I can yammer about what it is I see around these here parts".

Love to you.