Things I Love Thursday

I love my son's small school.

As he was entering Kindergarten, I had much to consider.  He was on the young side of the age cut-off and he had some as-yet-undiagnosed "issues" I didn't know what to do with.  I visited every school within a 20 miles radius and made an Excel chart of its features and detractions. 

I wanted Montessori.  I wanted a nice, clean, safe building.  His school was not on the list.  It was too small, too dirty, without air conditioning and frankly, I was not looking for a Christian school.  All the wrong things.  But the other schools were just. not. working. out.  As I did my search, I came to realize more and more clearly the environment that would be best for him...and me.  He was still filled with anxieties that needed to be carefully tended to.  Even the small public school near our house seemed overwhelming.  I finally went to visit West-Mont Christian Academy because I was running out of options...and time.  Then, the school went through a major renovation that summer.

I had run out of excuses.

When I went, I was immediately drawn to the small environment.  There is one classroom per grade.  The school secretary sits right in the middle of the little lobby and can see everything going on.  (I'm sure sometimes she wishes she didn't!) Everybody in that building knows everybody else's name.  The principal gets hugs from all the kids; and he hugs them back.  Because the school is so small, his Exceptional Ed class is one-on-one.  I doubt I could get that at any of the tony private schools in the area.  He loves his teachers and his teachers truly love him.  He prays for them, and they pray for him.

As I sat in the car line today, waiting for my special treasure, I was telling my friend about all the imperfections of the school...the cranky kids in his class, the cranky teacher last year, the paint chips.  Then I remembered how grateful I was to be guided to the right place, despite what I thought was best.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  - Proverbs 3:5

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Lora said...

you have no idea how much I needed to hear all this, due to my current K struggle.

Thank you.