Fashion Friday: Dressing for the Holidays

I know.  It's March.  Shouldn't she have done this post in, um, December??

I'm not talking New Years' parties because you can find literally hundreds of posts and articles about that.

I'm talking....the dreaded....OTHER holidays: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, Easter and the worst: Fourth of July.  I just want you to know I never.  NEVER dress for these holidays.  Do you remember on Bridget Jones' Diary when the [gorgeous] Colin Firth wore that horrid "jumper" that his mother knit?  Yup.  That's what I think of.  If it can make the Fabulous Firth look that bad, think what it's doing for your figure!

Love makes you do funny things.  In my case, the love of a 3rd grader with an interminable smile.  I'm even volunteering in his classroom for parties.  Look, it's no secret among my friends that I do not like children.  Oh sure - I like MY kid and I [usually] like YOUR kid.  But not kidS.  So love makes me do funny things.  I get to watch these kids eat glop made with white processed flour, covered with sugar paste made desirable to them by a smathering of petri dish coloring and petroleum-based flavors...

Oh.  Fashion  Friday.  That's right...where was I??

So I went to help with the Valentine's Day party at this school.  What to wear.  What to wear.  So. I wore this slinky red tunic top, a red/grey silk scarf, skinny jeans and a pair of BONGO red wedges.  I wore earrings that my friend, Jessica Buchtel, made out of brass washers and red coral.  [I just want you to know that all the reds DID match.  At least they matched enough, but the camera makes them all look clashy!]
I would not be so "matchy-matchy," were it not for a 3rd grade Valentines' Day party.

So, if you wore one of these tops for Valentine's Day:

you have a chance to redeem yourself. St. Patrick's and Easter are coming up.

**Check next Friday for my suggestions!**

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girlymama said...

hee hee hee - i'm giggling at colin's sweater now. that was so horrible!!

Haley said...

I LOVE those shoes....and those horrid sweaters would fit in perfectly at our annual Ugly Sweater Party. You look beautiful as always!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I love the new header. And I love this post. Heehee.

Jaimee said...

I love me some Jess B. earrings! I also enjoy reading your blog.

blackbelt said...

Oh Jaime girl - I wish someone else would have a bd party so I could see you again.