Things I Love Thursday

I love my husband.
I love my son.


I love my body.

I'm sure the first two comments did not surprise you, but did the third? 

I have a new gig as a fashion writer at All Things Chic.

You will not see me make self-disparaging remarks, not because I'm perfect... oh wait, is that in itself a self-disparaging remark?? or catering to our common attitudes as women??  We women do it as a matter of course.  And if we don't, we are hated.

Let's stop that now.   I'm not being arrogant.  I have come to know and accept and be with my body.  So don't hate me, and stop hating your body, yourself.

Let's be like men.  Stick out our beer bellies, scratch it, and say "look at my awesome bod!"


Lora said...


If I'm having a less than stellar feeling about myself, I focus on the things that are hard not to love. My hands that are capable of doing good, my arms that are amazing at holding my husband and son, etc.

Haley said...

Love it! I learned a long time ago (thanks to harsh, skinny, anorexic fellow cheerleaders) that I needed to love myself no matter what. Body included. I have done that since then. It shocks some people. Others love that I feel this way about myself. I have one friend, a very old friend, in particular that just can't conceive how I love my body...and this friend is a man...He doesn't understand how I am so confident with myself when I don't look like a model. Because I have 40 extra pounds hanging out on my stomach, butt, thighs, and arms. Because my body fat % isn't where it should be. It completely flabergasts him. And he tries to make me feel bad about how I look because he is Mr. IN SHAPE and thinks me to be unhealthy. It gets to me sometimes, but most the time it doesn't. I eat well, exercise, and I am very active...I'm just heavier. I love myself. I love my body. If I don't love myself, who will?! Great mindset, Sister!