Fashion Friday: St. Patrick's, IF YOU MUST

OK, if you feel you MUST wear green on March 17, then first things first.  Let's put these in the garbage:

 No, no, no. Don't put them in the charity box and tempt some other soul with them.  Throw.  Them.  Away.  If you're worried about the landfill, remember, cotton is biodegradable, so you'll be green!  HAHAHA!!

OK.  Now try these approaches:

1.  Bold? Wear one major, stylish piece.  But JUST ONE.

These bags range from $35 to $350.

2.  Shy? Wear just one little, stylish piece.  Like a pair of shoes (I suggest "stylish," so that means NOT Merrells and NOT Crocs.)

Try the gladiators with cropped cargo pants or shorts if you dare!

Really, really shy?  How about a piece of jewelry?

3. Wear it with an unusual color like this pencil skirt in gray:
Ann Taylor LOFT
Or lime, or sand, or white.

4. I'm doing 4 in honor of the 4-leaf clover.  So finally, how about this Arizona tank top available at JCPenney's to wear under a cardi or jacket?  Now this would be a statement for Ireland:
Soft twill jacket by Coldwater Creek


AmyP said...

Oh, you're no fun! And your footwear restrictions would never fly here in Portland. All that said, my most cherished St Patty's tradition is a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. (Again, I'm sure you disapprove...but I'm doin' it anyway!)

Musings of a Housewife said...

I love this post! Fun, fun fun.

Maybe holiday attire can be fashionable after all!

blackbelt said...

*this post does not apply in the state of Oregon.

Julie said...

YUM Amy! The Shamrock Shake is one of my favorite parts of April. That will definitely be my accessory on 3/17.

The top Dooney bag? Mmmmm...

Jamie said...

Love your picks! The sweater and coat in the first round up and the shoes you chose and accessories are fabulous! I do love green and I think it's great to remind ourselves that we can dress in a festive manner without succumbing to frumpiness! :)