Who's Your Mama?

First mom.
Tummy mom.
Birth mom.

We chose to use "tummy mommy" because...well, because.

HH asked Boo this morning if he thought about his tummy mommy on Mother's Day.

"No - I don't even know her.  I love my mom."

It simultaneously makes me smile and break my heart.

Where ever you are, whoever you are - the woman who grew my son in her body, then suffered the breakage of giving him up - Happy Mothers' Day.

You will be happy to know that he is well.  I am doing my best.

I promise you one day we will look for you.  And if you cannot see him - for whatever reason - I will understand, if Boo won't.


mamawhelming said...

You gave me chills and got me teary at the same time. Happy Mother's Day.

Sarah said...

Oh, he's growing up so fast. Wow. I've always heard God puts the right children with the right parents and you are exactly the mom God intended for Boo. No other would do!