The Final Sunrise

"The hours go slowly but the years go swiftly."

or something like that.

Each day, often filled with the drudgery of responsibilities - being at the office, going to meetings, shuttling your kids around, picking up toys, weeding.  Somewhere in there you rest, relax, enjoy the family.  Then you flop down into bed.

Only to find at each birthday, each anniversary, each milestone, that the years have gone by.  Your 2-year old is now 9, 18, 24.  I love watching Boo grow, I love seeing the person he is, the person he is growing into.  But I also feel a sadness as I watch him.  Why?

I am also a  bit sad as my husband and I mark our anniversaries.  I know that one day, one of us will be left here without the other.  Will the remaining one find another to fill the days?  I don't know; I can't say.  I know now though that I never tire of him, he is my best friend and confidante.  I can't imagine finding anyone else to be with.

We mark each hour.  The days go marching by.  Then it's a year gone by.  Then 5.  Then 10.  Why the wistfulness at life going by?  Are we mourning the coming of the end of our story?  Do we have a longing in us to be eternal?  Is that why men build monuments?  leave a legacy?  I never felt this way when I was young.  Is it that as we age, we crest the hill and see in the horizon our Final Sunset? 

Do we not enjoy the beauty of the sunset, only because we know there is a sunrise?

Am I not wistful and sad because we were never meant to see the end?

Death Be Not Proud
Death is the Enemy

What if after the Final Sunset, we knew there was an eternal Sunrise?  Here in the quiet hours, as I have faith that there is a tomorrow, and the sun will rise again, would I continue to mourn at each passing year if I knew there were more years to come?  That I could live eternally?

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that
whoever believes in Him
shall not perish but have everlasting life."


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Haley said...

Beautiful post. It made me tear up.