Things My Mother Told Me

"Dress better than everyone in the room; as a minority, you will always be looked down on."

"Do everything properly; never part way."

"It's better to be small breasted; they won't sag when you're old."

"It's better to marry a lazy smart man than a hard-working dumb man.  A smart man, even if he's lazy, will be able to figure his way out."

"I want my sons to marry Korean women, and my daughter to marry an American man."  (You got your wish, mom!)

"You can marry a Chinese man, but don't marry a Japanese.  They are the worst toward women."

"You have to give men hell every once in awhile."

"You can love a rich man just as much as a poor man, so you might as well marry a rich man."

{By the way, the proper response is to chuckle,slightly shocked, but not offended.}


AmyP said...

Your mom had a lot to say! =) I've realized as an adult that my mom never really offered advice. And I'm sure my independent self never asked. Well, that's not true. I asked for one piece of advice from each of my parents before getting married (they'd just celebrated 26 years together)

Mom: Never do anything once that you don't want to be responsible for for the rest of your life.

Dad: Have your anniversary engraved on the inside of your ring so you'll never forget the date.

I've chuckled about the difference in these comments so many times in the last 15 years!

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the "No Japanese men but Chinese men are okay" had to do with Japanese treatment of Koreans before and during WWII?

Why do the sons marry Koreans, but the daughters marry Americans?

Anyway, interesting. What advice will you give your son? My advice is "Don't marry a Kate. And don't be a Jon." (of Jon and Kate) I have more but I'd have to think about it.

blackbelt said...

Dear Anonymous,
Haha I love that Jon and Kate comment! I suppose it does have to do with Japanese treatment of Koreans during WW2/occupation. Is it prejudice or a sociological observation that Japanese men's view of women and marriage do not align with our ideals? [socially acceptable for men to have mistresses and visit geisha.] My mom believed Korean women, in general, treat their men better, and that American men, in general, treat their wives better. I certainly got a terrific American man! :-D
I'd love to email you in private - please reveal yourself! :-)

Lora said...

Oh good, I reacted correctly, I wasn't too sure if I did or not!!

Anonymous said...

I sent you an invitation to my blog, so check your e-mail, please.

Donna B said...

not so sure about the saggy part being true...!