Things I Love Thursday 11.10.11

I love to drive.
I love the adventure of looking for, and finding new places.
I love looking around me, letting my mind wander to different places.  (As if I needed encouragement for that!)
I love having my son, or my husband, or friend with me so we can chat without interference.

Today, my son and I are going into Centre City.  We're going to visit my friend, who is a Federal Judge.  He's going to show us his office, the courtroom, the holding cell and the sally-ported elevator that brings the accused up to the courtroom.

Then we're going to Chinatown and get some "Viepamese" food, as he calls it.  Then we rode the subway, all the way from one end of the line to the other, where it becomes the Elevated.  [Where we saw a lady drink Thousand Island dressing, from the bottle.  We could smell the vinegary dressing smell, which when, you smell it on the subway, smells rancid.]  Where my son didn't know to be afraid of anyone and held the doors open for anyone and everyone, of every color, class and odor.

I know people who are afraid to go into the city.  Who are afraid to, or don't want to drive more than 30 minutes at a time unless forced by job or hospital appointment.  I am blessed to have a reliable car, a husband who supports my plans and the money to buy the gas.

Drivin' in my car with the radio on.....

zoom zooom!

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