Things I Love Thursday 11.24.11

Thanksgiving Edition: I'm proud to be an American.

Don't touch that dial!  Don't roll your eyes; give me a chance, here.

The other week, we were in Washington DC and Boo was given the choice to what to visit.  He chose the Air & Space Museum and the Capitol.  I have to say I was a little disappointed that he chose the Capitol.  It sounded a little boring to me, but the trip was for him, not for me.  As part of the tour, we had to watch a 12 minutes video.  I was internally rolling my eyes.  God can see my heart but fortunately my son can't.

Guess what?  It was terrific.  It took me outside of the nitty gritty ugliness of human behavior and made me look at the United States as it was meant to be.  It reminded me of the basis on which this country was built: freedom of religion, all people are equal, we can say what we want.

I know, I know.  Things are ugly right now.  And depending on who you ask, things are ugly for different reasons.

But really, where else would you want to live?  May God bless America.  Please.

I pray that you will zoom out, put aside the gritty ugliness of all human beings for one day, and honor whatever good and beauty there is.

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Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} said...

Yep. :-) Pretty much sums it up. Glad you had a good trip!