What I Wore Wednesday 2.15.12

Really.  Honestly.  I have several serious posts I'm working on.  Just not coming together.  I hope my clothes came together better!  So.  Fashion isn't that serious.  Really.  So why do I do so much about fashion?  Read this.

Want to see what makes me smile?  This!

I have been looking and looking and looking for the perfect purse.  A perfect purse for me goes like this:
  1. Has to go over my shoulders.  None of this Queen Elizabeth over the elbow thing.
  2. Leather.
  3. Simple, structured, stylish but classic.  Not flopsy mopsy bangly.
  4. Separate interior compartments in addition to the little side pockets.
  5. Can't be more than my food budget.

And here, in the Tignanello Perfect 10 Studded Shopper, I have found it!  As a bonus, I love that thethe buckles and details are the same on both sides.  If you wonder how I'll make an orange purse go with all my outfits, well let me tell you.  I will just SUFFER through it!  I do believe I did it yesterday, for my son's Valentine's day party at school:

Look!  I'm doing that "look down as if my husband isn't taking a picture of me for the internet!"

Black Willi Smith drape cardigan over a magenta Ann Taylor satin ribbon trimmed t-shirt.  Vintage black jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt that I converted to skinny jeans, pewter ballet flats by Me Too, somewhat like these.

I'm loving the hematite/ dark gray tones of jewelry: bracelet from Talbot's, necklaces from (top to bottom) Silpada, Boscov's and Greece (the country.)

That's all I got forya!  Check out The Pleated Poppy, who posts what she wore in INDIA!  (I know!!)  and the other What I Wore Wednesday posts.


Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} said...

Heehee!!!!! Next week you need to squat and look at the camera. ;-)

I LOVE THAT BAG. I am so with you on the Queen Elizabeth over the elbow thing too. Can't do it.

Kellie said...

That's what I need...an orange purse! I stray toward dark colors too much. I did, however, just buy a pair of fuchsia pink shoes!

d said...

I love the orange purse and really ALl of you fashion sense and advice. Please don't give up sharing on Wednesdays!