"What I Wore" Wednesday Carnival - 02.08.12

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is not about what we wore on Wednesday, but what we wore this week and sharing it on a Wednesday.  Got it?  Okay!

I wore this Zara Collection brown empire-wasit tunic over a lime tank.  I wore it with olive leggings and brown suede boots by Style & Co.  I threw on this fun bangly-fangly scarf the color of a new penny.  Bright gold accessories.  I can't remember what day it was or where I was going! Oooh, I could have used a bracelet or two!

I have always loved the rust, russet and saddle range of colors.  I've been wearing outfits that will go with these two vintage pieces: Liz Claiborne leather saddle bag and Joan&David suede oxfords.

Here are two I wore to run errands - grocery, bank, going to Boo's school.  Green half-zip fleece by Sahalie, which btw, I LOVE.  LOVE.  Extremely modestly priced, soft and wears well! Worn over a GAP layering tee.  Brown straight-leg pants by Ralph Lauren CHAPS.

Same pants but this time with a chunky wool sweater by Club Room...I know, it's a man's sweater.  Worn with a new fringed scarf:

Hey look!  I even match my house!

Here's a close-up of the scarf, though the colors aren't quite right.  There's no actual rust on there - it's various weaves of red and pale olive green.  There's no brown either - black along with weaves of black and the pale olive that make it look brown:

Last but not least, I wore this outfit to the opening of the Pediatric unit at the local hospital.  Talbot's animal print skirt from a long time ago, topped with a brown knit top. "Chanel red" leather satchel by Nicole Miller, gold jewelry from all different places.

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