Fashion Friday, or Blackbelt Strikes Again

Blackbelt, dressed as an ordinary mom, stealthily by day or night, frequents thrifts stores and yard sales...all in the name of fashion justice.

Just last week, she found and rescued these fashion basics, bringing them to a warm, loving home, where they will be washed inside out with mild detergent and hung on satin hangers.

Black cotton jersey.  From H&;M.
Worn with a tank under, a bit like this?

I am always warm.  So even in the winter, I am wearing short sleeves.  I've got plenty of V-necks because that's more flattering on me.  But I needed some scoop-necks to wear under denim jackets or cardis.  It's hard to find good basics, I found this deep scoop neck is more flattering on me than a more modest one.

By Ideology.
I was scanning the internet for the right look, and I found one at my friend Jo-Lynne's blog:
From Francesca's Collection
What do you think? Pretty close, huh?

This one, too, but a longer silhouette that I can wear over leggings:

It's brand new!  It's organic!  and it's actually a grey-purple.  By Toggery.

And look at this beautiful silky top! I want to find a pair of straight jeans in an unusual color to wear with this:

In 2 shades of gray by cdr

Closest I could get but not this tent-ish.

I've been looking for a sporty winter something:

Eddie Bauer down vest

I'm not the outdoorsy type but here's an outdoorsy look that'll help me pretend!

And last but not least, this black, silk top from my favorite store - TJMaxx:

On clearance for $7

I'm thinking something like this - with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.  (I wish I could belt it but that's not the style for me at this point):
Not perfect, but really wanted to show you!

All six items for a grand total of $26.00.  SCOooRE!!!

*Thanks to Eddie Bauer and Ann Taylor, my stylists.  ;-)


melissa said...

SERIOUSLY? Only $26??? i need to go shopping with you!

AmyP said...

You need to come visit me in Portland and address my closet...there is much to be done here! You would be ashamed of the way I leave the house most days. Although, I will say that in this town, that sort of fits in. =)

Musings of a Housewife said...

I LOVE THAT RUFFLE BLOUSE. Wish I could wear ruffles without looking like a clown. I can't wait to see you wear it.