The Kitchen Window

I have this great view out my kitchen window.  I love watching the neighbor kids play; Boo running up and down what we might loosely call "lawn."  I love having the neighbor boy kick the ball over to our side and watch him retrieve it.  It symbolizes our warm and friendly relationship as neighbors.

But at dusk?  At night time?  They call this "The TV screen."  [Never mind that it's as boring as real TV.]  We've playfully talked to each other on the phone, while waving at each other through that screen.

Fabric name: "Fresh"
"What's a girl to do?"  I am not a fan of curtains.  Or lace.  Or frou-frou of any kind.  Short of a renovation or expensive up/down mini blinds, I was left with a trip to Joanne's Fabrics.  I went in thinking I wanted white, or muslin or something plain and severe and architectural.  But this caught my eye:

It reminded me of my childhood.  I think my mother had bright yellow curtains in our kitchen that she made.  Isn't the kitchen full of memories for you?  For many of us women, isn't there a special connection to our mothers that was made and broken and made again in the kitchen?

So, my intellectual architectural self had to step aside and let my emotional reminiscent side thread the bobbin, set the stitch and press the seams down on this one.

I'll miss the view but I don't think my neighbors need to see reruns all year long.  ;-)

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Julie said...

I know the point to this post is about memories but I have to tell you I have the same faucet in my kitchen. Though I wish I had the same view. It is beautiful.