Sticks and Stones

Late at night
when Boo's been slumbering for hours
I lean over him
Kiss him once
(he turns his head and wipes away the moist)
Kiss him again
(he might wake up)

and whisper in his ear "Oma loves you."

"Oma" so he's reminded in this (white) world that he belongs to me.

Kiss him again and again, at the risk of waking him
I think he remembers my kisses
misses them when I don't.

He won't remember them when he bounces out of bed
When he's watching PBS kids.
or saying the Pledge.

But I will.

My kisses and whispers are like pea gravel
plop plop
that I drop against his foundation
where the insults of this world
the stones cast on him
  ("you can't play")




Lora said...

this is beautiful.

And he will remember. I whole heartedly believe that our bodies and spirits crave and remember touch and miss it when it isn't there. Even if we are unconscious.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lora. No need for me to say more.