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There are over 50* countries where being a Christian, or carrying a Bible, is illegal.  I'm just sayin'.

* I am looking for a good source to link to.  The particular laws vary, but essentially, it is illegal to be a Christian in these countries.  There are also countries where it is technically legal to be a Christian, like Turkey, but you are put under such cultural duress that life is very difficult (humiliation, rejection, etc.) including being killed.  Or like China, you can own a Bible but can be arrested for attending an "unapproved" church.

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Lora said...

it's amazing, isn't it?

I remember when I was little, I swore to God (literally) that I would come up with a plan to help people who "couldn't" be Christians meet and worship together.

I'm failing miserably. But, every time I hear stories of people coming together in worship and fellowship and other sorts of ships I am happy.

Also? Those women in Pakistan about 15 years ago who began gathering in a basement to put on makeup, only to take it off and leave within the hour? Stuff like that makes me happy.