Love, Recapitulated

Happy New Year, everyone.
No exclamation point(s.)
As the years go by, that wish is said with a bigger and bigger dose of wistfulness.  It is less an exclamation: "Happy New Year!" than a wish: *HAPPY* new year.

As we scrambled to submit our year-end givings, I was reminded of my own selfishness.  I pray I will be more generous.  More generous in heart, mind and soul.  More generous to my son, to my husband, to family.  To my neighbors.  (Who is your neighbor? Jesus said in the parable of the Samaritan.)

And to the world.

JANUARY:  The month of turning over a new leaf.  "When I was young and idealistic, I lived in a big city.  I walked the historic cobblestone streets, walked through the public greens, attended a picturesque church....Passing by the reflecting pond in the garden, on alternate benches came the pungent smells of the homeless...."

FEBRUARY: The month of Love.  Love, not Hollywood-hormone-induced-sexualized-crapped-out-sappy-temporary-emotional-this-is-what-I-decided-about-love, but Love.  "Do you think the world is fair? I bet you've told your kids once or twice 'the world isn't fair,' in one form or another. But do you think in the depth of your existence that the world is fair?..."

MARCH: Speaking of Love: "I looked up at her, hoping..."

APRIL: We can't love if we don't know what love is, right?  Are you Hollywood?  Do you define love? or did Love exist before you?  before time?  "Don't you think God loves everyone?  Shouldn't God love everyone?  After all, God is love, right?..."

MAY: Mother's day.  The true gift to me.

JUNE: This Boo's birthday month.  As he grows each year, I see how he has matured, but I guess a mother's worries are endless.  Even when the Lord God Almighty of the Universe keeps telling me He's in charge.  Sigh.  "I saw a man old or young in tattered clothes..."

JULY: Love is a choice.  It is.  "I choose to love you. I do..."

AUGUST:  Whew.  We need a little fashion relief.

SEPTEMBER: Wasn't this yesterday??

OCTOBER: "A section of dried vine.  It was in turn a staff (which turned into a snake,) a plow, a lawn mower, a whale's tail.  Lift it -  slap it  on the gold and orange ocean - so like the sound of water being broken.  He sings a whale song with amazing mimicry...."

NOVEMBER:  Amazing Love.  It is.  Amazing, that is.

DECEMBER: "This is one of Christianity's "high holy days."  I hope that you will look beyond the dilution and silliness and petty fighting and garbage that goes along with this season.  And forgive us..."

The Beatles had it partly right, "All You Need is Love." If we only they meant Love, the Source, the Origin, the Definer; not 'love' as we decide to make it.  
My Love to you last year, this coming year, the years to come.


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Musings of a Housewife said...

How interesting that love was a prevailing theme throughout your posts this year! Thanks for sharing.