Don't Stop

Maybe all this technology and snap-tap-of-a-finger access makes us appreciate how our brains and hearts really see:

I went into architecture because I loved the tools.  I love how my brain juices flow throgh my fingers and onto paper.  Just a stick: pen, pencil, charcoal, I could pour my intuition onto a softness, smoothness or toothiness, and it, in turn, would feed my brain with an oh-so-subtle sense that makes my synapses hug.

Here I sit at the computer, blogging. Facebooking, and tweeting (for about a week last year.) Which I love (too much.)  To put a plastic keyboard and wires and screen and 1s and 0s between me and some unreal space...well it's a different creature all together. 

When I saw this stop motion feature, I thought: I wonder, since we are pretty much completely immersed in computer-aided-everything, I wonder if now, we can really appreciate that computer-zapped things are a different creature from the hand-done things.

It's not just charming.  It's something about how we humans were created.

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