What I Wore Wednesday 04.04.12

I am always surprised when it's Wednesday again!!  I don't have a lot to show you.  But I've put some Polyvore outfits together of the kinds of things I've been wearing.

What I Wore: It was one of those unseasonably warm days we had recently, so I didn't have to wear a jacket or sweater.  Banana Republic khakis, black silk blouse, a bunch of shiny silver jewelry and my lace-up wedge sandals by Moda International.
Where: Pre-theater party, before seeing a terrific local production of "Toys in the Attic" by Lillian Hellman.  It was a casual group at a friend's beautiful home in the country - something like 80 acres, 2 barns and a stream...  I didn't have to walk through the yard so, hence, the ridiculously high wedges!

Stuff I've been wearing, sorta, the basic jeans, tee and denim jacket.  I love me my denim jacket!


04.04.12 by blackbeltoma featuring a pima cotton tee

And on those warmer days, I got my shorts out.  I love navy and I especially love it with yellow.  I'm going to have to go shopping and get more!

WIWW 04.04.12

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