Things I Love Thursday - Talbot's

This is not a fashion post.  In fact, it's not Friday, the day of the ubiquitous Fashion Friday posts.  Which I love. But today, on this Thursday, I love Talbot's because they've done a bold thing:

They are showing women who are... real women. You know, sorta like you and me.  Looky here:

OK so they're still thin and they're probably NOT poor, but look - wrinkles and NOT ridiculously stick thin!  Woohoo!!   Hey check out this brief video:

I don't know if Talbot's is pandering to the demographics of America. As far as I know, they're still trying to make a buck and so I know their first priority is not necessarily for the betterment of society.  I don't expect it to be and I really don't care.   In fact, I don't think they're the first ones to do this.  But every one that does, and stops women [and girls] from feeling inadequate, gets a Kudos from me!

Small steps.

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Donna B said...

Thanks for the video link...i'm sharing...