First Day of Pool Season

Our little town doesn't have a local pool.  Instead, there are several private club pools you can join.  It's nothing luxurious but clean, safe and just the right size.  I can pretty much scan the whole place and find who I need to find.  The lifeguards all know the families.  Once, when Boo snuck to the bathroom without letting me know, I had all the lifeguard hollering his name.  Cuz they all knew him.

There are probably 4 or 5 school districts represented and we don't go to school with most of the kids, not do we travel in the same circles.  Most of these kids, I see only during the summer.  So it's fun to watch them grow these past 8 seasons.  And watch my boy grow:

2006, age 4


And the big day when he learned to swim!

With his baseball-coaching Unca Paul, 2010

With his dad, 2010

And May 28, 2012:

Growing into the lankiness of boyhood.

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