I Thought So!

After school today, Boo accompanied me to the Gap at the local mall. We both realized when we got to the parking lot that we both needed to go "shee-a." (Korean for "potty.") We had a loooong walk to get there and we were both in a hurry! We walked as fast as our little legs could carry us. We were near Sears, only half-way to the restrooms, when Jinsok said "We could go to the ones in Sears."

I had forgotten about them! I enthusiastically said, "What a great idea, Boo! It's much closer than the other ones"

He was so proud of himself and replied, "Mom, I had a thought bubble!"


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ConverseMomma said...

I wish my poor little guy had a thought bubble before wetting his pants twice at a party today. Gah!